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White Horse is a group of sister companies covering a wide range of business interests.

For further information on any of the White Horse companies, click on the relevant links below.

White Horse Mortgage Services Limited

Mortgage Arrears Counsellors.


Internet CCTV.


Web Design Company.

BusinessWebsite.com Limited

Web Design Company.
White Horse Child Care Limited

Day Care Nursery Operators.
The Trees Day Care Nursery

Day Care Nurseries.
White Horse Ferries Limited

Ferry Operators.
The Lay Partnership

Property Investors and Developers.
Lay Construction Limited

Building and Marine Contractors.
Lay Holdings Limited

Private Holdings Company.

White Horse Stanley House, 65 Victoria Road, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 3BB
Phone: (44) 01793 618566 - Fax: (44) 01793 488428 - E-mail post@whitehorse.co.uk